Protection Services

to Keep Your People Safe

Whether it’s coping with increased responsibilities and duty of care, switching to a total-safety approach or training employees who have never worn PPE before, we can help you navigate today’s challenges.

With over 650 branches in 22 countries we work with you to develop protection plans based on your needs. 

With Rubix you have access to some of the most experienced expert protection specialists in Europe to ensure your planning is completed and your protection products are right for your application – avoiding risks to staff and costly downtime from site contamination or infection outbreaks.

We provide health, safety and hygiene training alongside helping to foster a health & safety conscious workforce that consistently follows best practice.

Respiratory Face Fittings

Ensuring correct fitting of respiratory protection is key to keeping your people safe. We are able to work with you on site to measure the fit and comfort of various respiratory protectors. Making sure that a proper seal is found, and that the user will be comfortable for an extended period of time, helps to create a better working environment. We also work directly with the leading brands to bring in their experts, so you have access to the very best with Rubix.

Glove and Hand Protection Fittings

Hand protection is one of the most important elements of PPE. There are a variety of factors to consider, and we can help ensure you have the right product for the right application. Our fitting services ensure your operators have the right levels of protection for longer glove life, and we can simplify your glove requirements, so you only have the ones you need to do the job. Working with both our own brand and an extensive list of leading suppliers, you will have access to innovative products and solutions you need for any application.

Site Audits

Keeping people safe and facilities running is at the heart of what we focus on. No matter the application type of facilities, our Protection experts and supplier partners can help review and affirm your health and safety plans. Whether you are a food and beverage facility, or handle metal work, we can bring in expertise to provide a full top to bottom review of PPE, site safety, and cleaning equipment. Now, more than ever, a comprehensive protection strategy is paramount to minimising risk.

Personalised Clothing

We have supported many businesses in creating workwear that advertises their brand, and much more. We have in house and partnered capabilities to help you create the workwear that you need in your facility. Whether it is a logo on a shirt, or a colour-key high-visibility item, we want to help support you. With personal clothing products that your people can take pride in and look after, you get longer product life and greater site safety. And by clearly showing who works where, it’s easier for everyone to maintain social distancing.

Vendor Managed Services

Our VMS solutions include Invend™ – our vending machines offer, Kiosk and stores management.

They control the flow and the stock, automatically re-stocking items and controlling minimum and maximum stock levels, so you don’t run out of the products you need when you need them.

And our VMS solutions reduce stockpiling and stock misuse whilst eliminating inefficient walk and wait times to increase productivity and help maintain social distancing.

Our related services include:

  • Inventory management
  • Training for safety managers
  • Digital procurement solutions
  • Site audits
  • Protection planning
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