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Electronic and Engineering

Spend reduced by 74% with no compromise on safety

With production and protection consumables stored in several areas, a leading manufacturer of IT systems and infrastructure suffered little accountability of usage and spend – with operators spending considerable time searching for needed items.

We installed a central Rubix vending machine. Individual access cards allow 24-hour stock access and discourage stockpiling and tracking usage for full accountability. Instant reporting ensures high-usage items are replenished quickly.

Spend in the first four months ran at just 26% of the previous year’s same period, and further cost savings have been achieved through cutting stockholding of products no longer required.


One quick change meant £108K savings

In one area of a global car manufacturer’s plant, it was imperative that glass didn’t contaminate the environment. Workers faced high risks of cuts, so maximum cut rating gloves were worn, but the chosen brand contained glass fibre. With more than a dozen types of gloves in plant, many of which also contained glass fibre, the risk of cross-contamination was high.

An internal feasibility study revealed that glass-free gloves could be used throughout the factory with no negative impact on productivity. We sourced a prototype glass-free glove which was issued to all workers throughout the plant.

Zero glass contamination waste, falls in associated downtime, and fewer SKUs being ordered, generated over £108,000 in annual cost savings.


£32,000 annualised savings from one vending machine with no drop in safety

A leading manufacturer of metal packaging wanted to safeguard against excessive consumption of PPE – including gloves and masks – without compromising on safety.

The installation of a vending machine keeps the protection products on free issue but gives clear visibility of consumption.

Employee swipe cards monitor individual usage and discourage staff from stockpiling, while still maintaining 24-hour access. Instant reporting also allows for the quick replenishment of high-usage items.

With the vending machine establishing accountability consumption dropped generating cost savings of £8,000 in one quarter.

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